Message from IAB President to the International Community in the Face of the Crisis in Venezuela

Area: All | 09/05/2017 |


Following please find a message from IAB President, Eng. José Luis Saca, in relation to the serious crisis affecting the Right to Freedom of Expression and the media in Venezuela.

“Dear audience of the three Americas and the world. On this occasion, I address you to call for solidarity towards our brothers and sisters in Venezuela.

A beautiful Latin American country with good people who are suffering one of the greatest institutional and human rights crisis of recent times.

Today in Venezuela there is no Freedom of Expression. The Government censors journalists and the media.

Without Freedom of Expression, there is no democracy.

Without democracy, there is no progress.

And without progress, there is no way to solve the problems that the countries face.

I urge the International Community to assist in the solution to Venezuela’s return to Freedom of Expression and democracy as soon as possible.

Every day counts.

Thank you very much."

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