IAB Press Release: WRC 2015

Area: General News | 12/11/2015 |


The International Association of Broadcasting - IAB - is pleased to note that the results of ITU World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 have been successful for broadcasting, especially for free, over-the-air Digital Terrestrial television.

The support and the work of the World Broadcasting Unions – WBU, the national associations of broadcasters and the cooperation of IAB members, both in their countries and during the conference, were very important to achieve that result.

UHF band remained secured for the continuity of free-to-air terrestrial television.

Representatives of the vast majority of Region 2 governments ratified at the WRC-15 their decision of No Change (NOC) for maintaining the present UHF allocation of spectrum for free-to-air Television and radio microphones.

This has been a meaningful message for the development of Digital Terrestrial Television and the incorporation of new technologies that will allow the improvement of their services and content without interferences.

It is a remarkable acknowledgment to broadcasting for its transcendental role as an instrument for Freedom of Expression and Information, social cohesion, dissemination of culture, entertainment and for its contribution to distribute information in case of natural emergencies.

December 11, 2015

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