"Radio contributed with the progress of the peoples of our America,"
stated Don Guillermo Solís in his opening speech
The International Broadcasting Association – IAB - held its Board of Directors Meeting in San José last Thursday, November 17th.

The event was organized by our Institutional Member, the National Chamber of Broadcasting of Costa Rica - CANARA.
Opening Ceremony

Luis Guillermo Solis Rivera, President of Costa Rica, Emilio Nassar, IAB Second Vice President, Gustavo Piedra Guzmán,
IAB Vice President- Treasurer, José Luis Saca, IAB President, Omar Sosa, IAB First Vice President, Dr. Juan Andrés Lerena, IAB Director General and Marcelo Jenkins Coronas, Minister of Science, Technology and Telecommunications of Costa Rica.
The opening ceremony was attended by the President of Costa Rica, Guillermo Solís Rivera, the Minister of Science, Technology and Telecommunications, Marcelo Jenkins Coronas and other senior government officials, Ambassadors and representatives of diplomatic corps from different countries.

President Solis pointed out the importance of free and independent media in the Hemisphere, stating:

"Radio has been much more than an invention to facilitate communication, but also and mainly a pillar of Democracy by allowing ideas to travel free in the Hertzian waves, contributing to the development of peoples, to bring into contact different expressions and thoughts of art and culture, and to facilitate communication among societies. "

At the same time, he highlighted IAB´s record during its seven decades in Defense of Freedom of Expression of Thought and reaffirmed the commitment of his Government with this fundamental right and with the Costa Rican broadcasters.

“If we sow radios, we will harvest democracy”, concluded President Solis.

During the ceremony, the President of CANARA, Gustavo Piedra Guzmán and IAB President, Eng. José Luis Saca, took the floor.

The President of CANARA welcomed IAB Board Members and Delegates from various countries of the Americas. In his speech, he noted that broadcasting is a private service of public interest, which must be preserved and promoted by the authorities of the countries.

“Broadcasting fulfills an integrating role of the diverse social groups," said Mr. Piedra Guzmán.

As for Eng. Saca, he thanked the hosts for the magnificent organization of the event and emphasized Costa Rica is a country of understandings.

"The societies that respect Freedom of Expression and seek understanding are the ones that achieve greater progress," said IAB President.

In his speech, he recalled that next May 2017 will mark 10 years since the illegal and arbitrary closure of RCTV by the Government of Venezuela, which, on the other hand, continues to disregard the ruling of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, ordering to restore its frequency and all the equipment illegally confiscated. 

IAB Board Members with the President of Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo Solis Rivera
and Marcelo Jenkins Coronas, Minister of Science, Technology and Telecommunications of Costa Rica.

During their two working sessions, IAB Board Members discussed an extensive agenda as well as reports on the status of broadcasting in different countries of the three Americas